Scientists investigate climate change

Seminar on the topic of “Global Climate Change and the Problem of Water Resources” took place at Al-Farabi KazNU.

In the Al-Farabi KazNU held a seminar on “Global Climate Change and the Problem of Water Resources”, which was organized with the assistance of the UNAI hub for sustainable development and the MDP program on sustainable development, in connection with the initiative of the UNAI program to celebrate World Water Day. This event is aimed at promoting global dialogue, exchange of knowledge and information on adaptation to climate change, the meeting will allow university scientists on a better level to assess the trends of climate change, the specifics of water resources in Kazakhstan.

The tone of the seminar was set by the first pro-rector, Professor M.M. Burkitbayev, noting that scientific evidence indicates that the observed climate changes are caused by human activities. The problem of global warming is involved in international relations, so scientists can`t be on the sidelines, especially since KazNU. The university actively operate within the framework of the tasks of the UNAI hub on sustainable development.

The topic of Water, relevant to the scientists of Kazakhstan, who are seriously exploring the country’s water resources. Therefore, the main issues on the agenda are: the main directions of scientific research in the field of water resources research in Kazakhstan, conducted by scientists of Al-Farabi KazNU results illustrating available in nature and climate; scale of future environmental changes.

Professor of the Faculty of Geography and Nature Management Zhusupbekov made a presentation “Determination of the characteristics of spring drains in the plains of the rivers of Kazakhstan. “Interesting with numbers and recommendations are the presentation of “Green Technology in Al-Farabi KazNU” presented by Professor of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology T.A. Ketegenov, PhD Doctor R. Salmurza-uly, and others.

Since the theme of the World Water Day this year is “The Answer to Nature”, the participants of the seminar actively operated on examples illustrating resources for combating drought, climate change, integration of “green” and “gray” infrastructures, etc., specific problems related to water, in Kazakhstan and its neighbors in the region. During the seminar participants made recommendations on best practices for water safety. The contribution of scientists in the preservation of the earth ecosystem is important for the world community.


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