Representatives of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University will take part in the international conference in San Paulo

Representatives of the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi will take part in the international conference on the theory and practice of retraining of top personnel in modern universities. The conference will be held from April 3 to April 6, 2018 in the city of Sao Paulo.

The International Network of Universities on Social Responsibility (USRN) is an influential international organization that unites the best universities in the world (top 100) and studies the theory and practice of preparing socially responsible personnel for the digital economy of the future. The program involves leading professors from all over the world, as well as students and representatives of universities, project members. KazNU is the only university from the CIS countries invited to this event due to the experience of conducting innovative projects “Green Bridge Through Generation”, “MDP / Global Classroom” and some others, implemented since 2012.

The work program of the conference includes the exchange of best practices of USRN members, analysis of various advanced projects, discussion of USRN cooperation issues, and also the study of the conceptual framework for training personnel for the digital economy. One of the participants of the conference, Prof. Rafis Abazov (MDP / Global Classroom program, Al Farabi KazNU) stressed that the study of the theory and modern practice of preparing top management, as well as the fundamentals of new educational technologies, is especially important for Kazakhstan in the context of implementing the state program “Digital Kazakhstan “and strengthening the country’s competitiveness.

The USRN global network is formed on the belief that universities are required to work together to address economic, social, cultural and environmental issues at all levels – from local to international. This network is called upon to find solutions in order to effectively implement the global Sustainable Development Goals (LRCs) in order to make our world more equitable, comprehensive, peaceful and sustainable. This is the main leitmotif of this event.

Venue of the conference:

University of San Paulo

San Paulo, Brazil

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