The expert of the Total Energy Corporation, professor Christine Gastinel lectured at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (KazNU)

Professor Christine Gastinel of Total Corporation (France) conducted a series of lectures and seminars on “Intercultural Management” for undergraduates, master and doctoral students at KazNU. This program was jointly organized by the UNESCO Chair of International Journalism of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, the Ban Ki-Moon Institute for Sustainable Development, United Nations Academic Imapct (UNAI) program and Faculty of Geography with the support from Total corporation.

An introductory lecture by Ms. Gastinel was devoted to understanding the problems of intercultural management, as well as the consequences of actions of religious, interracial, intercultural stereotypes of communication. The special context of the professor’s introductory lecture was the idea of ​​how stereotypes, religion, motives and culture can influence the final result of the research. She clearly demonstrated examples when the simple process of drawing up geographical maps turned into an action of pursuing personal and political goals and motives, and it was especially noted that about 60% of the world’s population lives in Asia.     Also, the audience was shown the results of a hundred-year history of the formation of new countries and the unification of others, for example, in 1900, there were only 46 countries on the world map, and at the moment – 193 (197). During the lecture, she discussed the issues of equality of female labor, as well as the approaching problem of Earth overexplotation.

Ms. Gastinel is an expert in the internationalization of higher education. Working for Total company, the world’s largest company (France), gave her a wealth of experience in understanding the development of human capital and talent. According to Prof. Gastinel today, the main goal of the Total is to acquire the status of a sustainable energy company. The company sees further understanding of its mission in active involvement in Educational projects and development of human capital with leading foreign universities, such as KazNU. al-Farabi. The main goal and mission of Total lectures is to develop the theoretical knowledge of students and supplement them with practical skills, to teach the process of recruitment and career management using the example of one of the leading energy companies. Thus, Christine Gastinel is engaged in advising universities, she has several degrees in English, psychology, literature and sociology. Christina Gastinel is a university professor who has experience in creating a consulting firm in the field of solving intercultural conflicts, international management and intercultural communication; Director of Press Relations at the French Professional Union Petroleum Industry; creator of the department of intercultural and geopolitical sciences. She worked in more than 25 countries.

In the past, Christine Gastinel has lectured on intercultural medicine at Universities: Stanford; Sorbon University (Paris and Abu Dhabi); France: Universities of INALCO, HEC, Paris XII, Institute of Galileo, School of Business Paris Dauphine, EIGSI; University of Leuven (Belgium); Beijing Universities (Tsinghua, CUPB); Shanghai (Tongji, UTSEUS); Guangzhou; Chengdu; Bauman (Moscow); Casablanca (Morocco); Abu Dhabi; Kuwait; Qatar; Tehran (Iran).

Christine Gastinel sincerely expressed gratitude for the warm welcome and hospitality, assuring her intention to continue close cooperation with the Kazakh National University. al-Farabi.


Kazakh National University

Student’s Press Club

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