Project: Strengthening the curriculum on Gender Journalism in Kazakhstan

The project considered the priority area of ​​the IPDC on gender equality through the media and enhancing the competence of teachers of specialty journalism in this field. UNESCO Department of Communications KazNU. Al-Farabi demonstrated the possibilities of the Gender and Media curriculum, which includes the main aspects of strategic gender analysis in journalistic production and education. Immediate objective: to ensure familiarity with gender issues not only in society, but also in the content of news and other materials provided by the media based on the UNESCO Model Curriculum in Journalism (2017), by conducting a two-day training seminar among teachers from 15 universities in Kazakhstan in the library of al-Farabi in Almaty. The selection of candidates for participation was carried out directly by the participating universities, taking into account the need for equal representation of men and women. The representation of the participants of the training included heads of the departments of journalism, coordinators of educational programs, managers of the educational process, who may have a greater impact on the introduction of gender equality in the curricula in journalism in the country.

At the training seminars “Media and Sustainable Development Goals” in November 2019 the team worked to overcome the stereotyping of men and women in the media, journalists presented images that construct public opinion and support the media, explaining what qualities are really transparent in the conditions Kazakhstan, and which are perceived by society so far wary. The topics of presentations, interactive, games and workshops were based on materials from UNESCO and UN Women, expanding gender literacy among media workers.

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