Global Migration Film Festival at KazNU

Today, on the 18th of  December of 2019, at International Migrants Day, within the framework of the Global migration cinema festival there was the film screening of Greguar Gosset, a One-way ticket. The organization of the festival was established by the International migration association. Over the past four years, the Global migration festival passes successfully all around the world, however for the first time in Kazakhstan. It was encouraging, that it takes place at al-Farabi Kazakh National University. The special point highlighting the importance of cinema festival is that it visually replays real issues and needs of modern people worldwide. Vulnerability and precarious position of migrants give concerned awareness to all the audience that the matter has a globalization influence. So, through the prism, which is reflected in the two closely intertwined stories of the main characters of the film, we began to understand the real reason for the global movement of people and the associated challenges.

Attending this event, for students means an expression of their gratitude to all the organizers and participants who were involved into the process of filming and the event as a whole, each of the attendees shared their impressions of the movie – everything is imbued with the depth of the storyline, the realism of what is happening on the screen, and finally became possible for the audience to understand the true motives of those who unwillingly left his native land in search of greener pastures. It all became possible to do thanks to the main organizer of the film show: The UN Global communications Department in Almaty and al-Farabi Kazakh National University.


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