Director of the Center for Sustainable Development of the Earth Institute at Columbia University Dr. Yanis Ben Amor visited KazNU al-Farabi within the framework of the MDP Global Classroom Program and there was a meeting with the leadership of the university, a campus tour and a round table on the topic “Pressing issues on Global Health”.

The event was organized by the United Nations Academic Impact Hub on Sustainability at al-Farabi KazNU, Ban Ki-moon Institute for Sustainable Development jointly with the Earth Institute at Columbia University.

The First Vice-Rector of al-Farabi KazNU prof. Mukhambetkali Burkitbaev opened the round table with a welcoming speech where he emphasized the role of young specialists in the implementation of the SDGs on the UN Agenda.

The round table dedicated to “Pressing issues on Global Health” included Master’s and PhD students of the Faculty of Medicine and Public health, scholars, experts of the public committees and the media.

“I have been lecturing on sustainable development and global health for almost two years as part of the MDP Global Classroom program, and al-Farabi students are also a part of this online course,” claimed Dr. Yanis Ben Amor in his speech.  “Today I am very happy to have an informal talk with MDP GC students and find out what contribution they can make to the implementation of the SDGs. I do hope together we can achieve a lot and drive solutions to global issues owing to MDP Global Classroom, which is an effective platform for large-scale collaboration.” In turn, the director of the Center for Sustainable Development at the Earth Institute Dr. Yanis Ben Amor gave an informative lecture and shared his experience on pressing issues in the field of medicine and healthcare and answered all the interesting questions of young scholars. Apart from, the director of the Center for Global Health Studies in Central Asia at Columbia University, Dr. Terlikbaeva Assel, and the dean of the faculty of medicine and public health of al-Farabi KazNU prof. Kalmataeva Zhanna had an immense part in this round table.

As a result of the event, the parties exchanged views and agreed to strengthen cooperation on implementing 17 SDGs, in particular, with the Center for Sustainable Urban Development at the Earth Institute within the framework of the scientifically innovative project: “Smart City on the Silk Road”.

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