According to the UNAI principle on Sustainability and Global Citizenship students of Al-Farabi KazNU have held a grand flash mob, marking the launch of the «QAYIRIMDY QOGAM» challenge, the goal of which is to form a virtuous society within the mission of the Initiative “Formation of Virtuous Society. University 4.0”.

More than 5 thousand students from different Faculties have gathered at the University campus in front of the monument to the Great thinker, whose 1150th anniversary is being celebrated by the whole world under the auspices of the UNESCO. An unprecedented project has started the national good-deed relay in the country to remind us of the values that Al-Farabi considered the main for humanity: kindness, decency, honesty and justice.

The project is aimed at developing a volunteer movement among youth, strengthening social solidarity and organizing initiative groups to solve not only global problems, but also local communities as well as to help specific people. The initiators of the challenge believe that participation in it will allow filling the media space with positive content and recalling the importance of being compassionate and helping people, who are in a difficult life situation, by real actions and deeds, showing mercy and sympathy for each other.

January 27, 2020

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