The first steps of Kazakhstan in the UN

In the run-up to the landmark date of our independent country, the day when Kazakhstan joined the United Nations, the faculty of International Relations, KazNU was honored with a visit of Her Excellency – Akmaral Arystanbekova.
On March 2, 1992 the Republic of Kazakhstan became an official 168th member of the United Nations. This important event was achieved through enormous merit of Akmaral Haydarovna. It was she, being the only delegate from our country, who represented our country at the General Assembly’s podium.
Today the students, undergraduates and teachers of the International Relations Faculty have been lucky enough to plunge into the history of this unique organization. A.Arystanbekova were telling interesting facts about the birth of the United Nations, the procedure of negotiating processes, the complexities of decision-making, when the organization was only on its way of development.
Very interesting was the story of her personal experience in the United Nations, as well as the story about the process of Kazakhstan’s accession into the organization. This process could observe also the participants of today’s meeting due to the shown video archives. There is no doubt that everyone sitting in the audience felt a sense of pride, respect and admiration, when on the video was solemnly announced the adoption of Kazakhstan to the United Nations and the flag soared on the flagpole, marking a historical importance for the people of a sovereign republic.
After the lecture Akmaral Haydarovna gave parting words and wishes for future specialists and expressed hope for the further prosperity of the world.

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