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Information letter

Model United Nations – New Silk Way Conference  

dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the entry  Kazakhstan

and the Central Asian countries to the United Nations

The conference will focus on the work of Kazakhstan

at the UN Security Council


On February 24 and 25, 2017, the Library of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University will host the International “Model UN – New Silk Way” Conference. The conference is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the accession of Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries in the UN.

“Model UN” is a popular global program that runs in a format of brainstorming and student conference, as well as it is the best school for learning about diplomacy. It opens up a whole world of ideas, opinions, experiences, offering unique opportunities for self-realization and self-expression, validation and development of intellectual and creativity, knowledge and creative thinking.

“Model UN – New Silk Way” will allow to reproduce the United Nations work in real time, by the students of different universities of Almaty. On one day, students transform into diplomats act as representatives of the UN.

The event will be held on four committees:

United Nations General Assembly“Nuclear Weapon Disarmament”

United Nations Security Council“The Republic of Kazakhstan as Non-Permanent Member”

United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)“Climate Change and its Solutions in Central Asia (SDG-13)”

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)“Scientific Development of Future Energy”

Participation in the Model United Nations conference contributes to the acquisition and improvement of public speaking skills, experience, high quality debate and overcoming the fear of public speaking. In addition, meetings are held in one of the official languages of the United Nations that allows participants to improve their knowledge of foreign languages. At the training seminar, students can learn about self-organization, the correct allocation of time building a future career at the international level.

Participants of Model UN – New Silk Way inspired by the message of the UN Secretary General, in which he urged the youth to realize their” political responsibility in an era of uncertainty.” According to the head of the UN, it will help future diplomats to achieve success and live up to the hopes and expectations, which confers on them the world community.

The event will be held with the support of the US Consulate General in Almaty and the UN Information Office, as well as Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. Special support to the participants of the Model UN – New Silk Way in the preparation of the United Nations has a representative of the Department of Public Information.

Program coordinators – Rafis Abazov (executive director of the program “Model UN New Silk Way” and a visiting professor at Al-Farabi KazNU) and Galiya Ibraeva (Director of the Centre UN Academic Impact (UNAI) professor of Al-Farabi KazNU) – believe that “Model UN – New Silk Way” is a very important initiative. This is one of the few programs in the region of Central and South Asia, which allows students to independently discuss various global issues and strengthen the ties between the two countries in the spirit of the traditions of the Great Silk Way.




“Model UN New Silk Way» –

Professor Rafis Abazov – +7-727377 35 59

Professor Galiya Ibrayeva – +7-727377 32 64; +7-701222 7772


2016-2018  UNAI Leadership and Views:

Problems and Perspectives of UNAI Global Hub on Sustainability

Background Information

UNAI Global teleconferences on G-Global platform

The Global Hub UNAI on Sustainability at Al Farabi Kaz NU is hosting a series of conversations on sustainable development goals and education to popularize and foster intellectual discourse on these important topics. Organized under the umbrella of the G-Global platform, the first international teleconference, “Perspectives on Education for Sustainable Development” used technology to link the Global UNAI Hub at UN HQ in NYC with the Global Hub UNAI on Sustainability at Al Farabi KazNU and several universities in Kazakhstan. Building on the success of the first webinar, the Global Hub UNAI on Sustainability at Al Farabi KazNU has been hosting a series of teleconferences on sustainability since 2014.

 Teleconference between Al Farabi KazNU and UNAI headquarters

Title:                    Problems and Perspectives of UNAI Global Hub on Sustainability 2016-2018

Objectives:       UNAI at five: Discuss the UNAI initiatives and achievements;

UN initiatives on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);

Education for sustainable development and how UNAI hubs and UNAI partner universities can contribute to the promoting of SDGs;


2016, 7 March The status of KazNU named after al-Farabi as a Sustainable Development Hub of UN Program (UNAI) Academic impact is extended for another two years


It was underlined during the global online dialogue with UN headquarter (New-York) involving other foreign Hubs of UN Program Academic impact and universities of Kazakhstan.

During the online teleconference, which is devoted to activities done by global Hubs of UN Program (UNAI) “Academic impact”, which is organized upon an initiative of KazNU named after al-Farabi, tasks for realization of 17 goals were considered in the field of sustainable development through education and scientific studies.

UN Under-Secretary General Christina Gayak, Director of UN Public Information Department, UNAI Program Director Ramu Damodaran, and Heads of UNAI Global hubs participated in discussions: on Human Rights at Sorbonne University (France) professor Yan Toma, on poverty reduction through education at Maharishta (India) architectural college professor Asmita Divekar, on national and regional networks of sustainable development of France Maria Cortes Puch, and also the representatives of universities of kazakhstan.

UN Under-Secretary General Christina Gayak announced the The status of KazNU named after al-Farabi as a Sustainable Development Hub of UN Program (UNAI) Academic impact is extended for another 2016-2018 years. «This decision was dictated by system advancements of university in the field of sustainable development, – Director of UN Public Information Department in Kazakhstan Vlastimil Samek and Director of Communication Department and Information of UNESCO Clusters Office in Almaty Sergey Karpov underlined. Al-Farabi University fruitfully cooperates with UN and UNESCO organizations for many years for many issues, and especially for sustainable development issues. Particularly, in KazNU the UNESCO Department on sustainable development and regional UNESCO hub on sustainable development under the UNI-TWIN program were opened”.

The extension of an authorities of al-Farabi KazNU as a Sustainable Development Hub of UN Program is the powerful generator for associating intellectual and academic potential of scientists and student youth of universities of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Those who participated in online conference – the new members of UN Program Academic impact the representatives of Sorbonne Institute at KazNPU named after Abay, of KazNAU, of Kazakhs National Academy of Arts named after Zhurgenev, of “Turan” university expressed the readiness of joint works in the frame of Kazakhstani consortium of UN Program.

Concluding the meeting, UN Under-Secretary General Christina Gayak underlined that «Al-Farabi University is the leader of intellectual investment into many initiatives of international level, and expressed the assurance that KazNU will meet all challenges, which universities face in the field of sustainable develoment».