New Technologies for the “Green Economy”

New technologies for the “green economy”

Scientists of the Research Institute of Experimental and Theoretical Physics of the Al-Farabi KazNU headed by threads, PhD. Physics and 11094_largeMathematics,  T. Taurbaev developed a new type of thin-film solar cells based on organometallic halide minerals calcium titanate. The solar cell created new promising material, can convert energy with high efficiency. It’s cost is much less than that of silicon solar cells, which are currently a major solar energy material. Scientists have given anode contact characteristic, according to research consisting of three layers.  The most successful result of the study, the researchers believe the developed technological production line, obtaining samples, the parameters of which are similar to the samples obtained by traditional technologies. The quality of these films suggests that they are suitable for use in solar cell structures and other optoelectronic devices.

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