Youth for SDG 6


Ban Ki-moon Institute for Sustainable Development at al-Farabi KazNU in cooperation with the Central Asian Youth Association for Water Resources “CAY4W” (Central Asian Youth for Water), the online platform WaterCafe, the club of political scientists PhD Welt and the Representative Office of the Foundation. Friedrich Ebert in Kazakhstan organized a meeting-discussion on the theme “Youth and SDG 6 as accelerators of the Sustainable Development Goals: Initiatives in Kazakhstan”.

The purpose of the discussion meeting was to provide a platform for the presentation of already implemented projects aimed at achieving SDG 6 in conjunction with other goals, as well as discussing further plans for the implementation of the SDG 6 Global Acceleration Framework by UN-Water and strengthening the coordination of various initiatives supported by young people active in the water sector. Over 80 members joined online on the Zoom platform.

The event aimed to highlight the role that young people – students and female students, young researchers and researchers, enthusiasts and volunteers – already play and can play in the implementation of the SDGs on the ground, through carefully planned presentations and facilitated discussions. As a result of the discussion meeting, the experts proposed a number of recommendations to strengthen the role of youth in achieving SDG 6 and other Sustainable Development Goals.
In her report, Bazarbayeva Tursungul, Head of the UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Development in Al-Farabi, KazNU, noted the special role of youth in the implementation of SDGs, in particular, SDG 6. Besides, Zafar Makhmudov, Director of the Regional Ecological Center in Central Asia and Central Asian Environmental expert Bulat Yessekin attended the discussion of young leaders.


Dated December 9, 2020.

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