Future Leaders Summit -2021

Future Leaders Summit” of Central Asian Youth Union went virtual on March 26, 2021, and co-organized by Ban Ki-moon Institute for sustainable development in cooperation with Helping Hand International and New Silk Way Model United Nations.

This is the the third time held Summit for students and young leaders from all around the world. In this virtual summit we were on track to host 100 emerging young leaders from different countries. This unparalleled global learning opportunity brings together students from across the world countries from rural, urban, public and private Universities and Organizations to collaboratively tackle the world’s most critical issues. At virtual Future Leaders Summit participants focused on the main theme of the summit “Sustainable Development Goals” – SDG 3, SDG 4, SDG 8 and SDG 16 and the subthemes of the summit, experiencing and learning the inner-working process of international policy-making organizations as they tackle global issues and controversies, navigate crisis scenarios, debate, and ultimately vote representing their nations on global solutions. During the summit students could gain the ability to become global thinkers, confident speakers and leaders. Through virtual FLS 2021, students were able to get the skills needed to navigate and develop our globally-connected world.


SDG 3 – Immunization for Covid-19 Pandemic

SDG 4 – Quality online education

SDG 8 – COVID-19 Impact on Economic Renovation

SDG 16 – Digital bullying prevention


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